C-Suite Awards: Elisa Schick of Luxer One

C-Suite Awards: Elisa Schick of Luxer One

C-Suite Awards are presented by the Sacramento Business Journal to recognize business leaders who have left a mark in their organizations and on the larger community. The honor, formerly known as the CFO of the year, has now been expanded to include all members of C-suite. This year's honoree is shown here.

Elisa joined Luxer One as a new employee in 2018. The company operated out of a small, unassuming office on Power Inn Road. Its revenue was hovering around 20%.

Schick helped Assa Abloy, a Swedish lock company, acquire Luxer One in an eight-month period. The deal was worth millions of dollars.

Schick said that despite the sleepless nights and long hours it took to close the deal, he had no regrets. I loved it, and my team is so close because of that experience.

Luxer One, founded in 2013, is a smart-locker startup that aims to solve many of the challenges associated with package delivery. These include delivery to multifamily housing, oversized parcels, chilled packages and even an automated library pickup system. Schick says that retail customers include Home Depot Best Buy, Macy's and Macy's.

Schick, the chief financial officer of the company, has seen a steady growth rate of 10%-15% year-over-year. She attributes this to the 180 people who make up the team.

'I believe leadership is about helping your team reach their full potential', Schick said. He added that staff members embody the company's core value of being customer-oriented and solutions-oriented. When we bring together a group that has all these qualities, magic happens.

Nickolas Santy said Schick was instrumental in the accounting software change that occurred at the same time Assa Abloy acquired the company.

Santy said that she was there with them in the trenches. We had some minor hiccups, but nothing major. This is an impressive feat for a task of this magnitude. It was thanks to Elisa's guidance.

Santy stated that Schick's ability to solve problems is 'her real superpower'

He said, "She is the most dynamic person I have ever worked with." She has a clear vision of the final goal and can solve problems quickly.

Luxer One, now headquartered at McClellan Park in Sacramento, is launching its public locker network. Units are currently located at Downtown Commons, the River Cats Stadium, and Sutter Health Park. Schick and other employees have seen their careers within the company accelerate.

Schick stated that the pace of work was incredibly fast. Because it is a meritocracy in the company, there are many good ideas. It's cool to see someone from supply chain develop our next product or whatever it is we're working.

Schick says the company will always have to be ahead of the curve, and that it invests in R&D constantly to keep its technology cutting edge.

Schick is attracted to the unknown.

Schick stated, "I feel such a deep sense of gratitude and lucky, that I am part of something so cool, right now."

Age: 39

I've known my partner for 22 years, since we were 17. "We have three children, a 14 year old, a 9 year old and a 2 year old."