Boeing investigating cyber incident affecting parts business

Boeing said on Wednesday it is investigating a cyber incident impacting elements of the company's parts and distribution business and is cooperating with law enforcement.

Boeing investigating cyber incident affecting parts business

Boeing announced on Wednesday that it is investigating an incident affecting parts of its distribution and parts business, and is working with law enforcement.

Boeing confirmed the incident just days after Lockbit, a cybercrime group, said that on Friday they had stolen "a huge amount" of sensitive information from the U.S. aircraft manufacturer and would release it online if Boeing did not pay the ransom before Nov. 2.

Boeing refused to comment on if it had linked the cyber-incident to Lockbit.

Boeing's spokesperson stated that "this issue does not impact flight safety". "We are investigating the incident actively and working with regulatory and law enforcement authorities." We have notified our customers and vendors."

According to the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, Lockbit was the world's most active ransomware group in 2018. This is based on how many victims the group claimed on its blog.

Hacking groups typically use ransomware to lock down a victim's computer system and steal sensitive data in order to extort money.