Thousands of belarusians overloaded into main minsk on sunday, as protests against strongman president alexander lukashenko proceeded for a 15th consecutive time despite threats of a restored federal government crackdown.

The eastern european nation has-been rocked because of the biggest protests with its post-independence record since mr lukashenko, who has ruled with an iron hold since 1994, advertised triumph over svetlana tikhanovskaya in a disputed presidential election a couple of weeks ago.

Waving red and white flags, and directing chants including resign! and freedom! at mr lukashenko, protesters streamed into independence square, despite a larger authorities presence throughout the capital compared to recent days.

Protests additionally were held in several other towns, including vitebsk, grodno and gomel, according to regional media.

Demonstrators were undeterred by a risk from defence minister viktor khrenin on sunday to make use of the army against any which came near 2nd globe war memorials, certainly one of that was the main focus of a big protest against mr lukashenko last weekend.

We categorically warn you: in the event of violation of purchase and comfort in these locations, you may deal not with the police, however with the military, he stated in a declaration written by the ministry and mostly in money letters.

Hopefully and trust that people will win, said eugen, a protester in minsk. maybe not these days, but in the long run things will change. many of us are hoping for this.

The two days of protests and strikes in cities and metropolitan areas across the former soviet condition would be the biggest challenge mr lukashenko features faced during their 26 many years in energy.

The 65-year-old former collective-farm employer at first responded with an intense crackdown on their opponents, where at the least three men and women died, hundreds had been hurt and almost 7,000 detained, before backing-off and releasing some prisoners.

The eu and united states have actually refused to discover mr lukashenkos declaration of triumph and called on belarus to keep brand new elections.

Mr lukashenko reacted through overt appeals for armed forces help from moscow, which recognised the election result and tepidly endorsed their tries to quell the protests.

Vladimir putin, russian president, congratulated mr lukashenko following the vote and stated however uphold moscows pact obligations to belarus in the eventuality of a military intrusion.

The kremlins relations with its longest-running but most difficult ally have been strained after mr lukashenko accused russia when trying to overthrow him through the election campaign, but moscow stays cautious about a pro-western management replacing him.

Russian foreign minister sergei lavrov stated on sunday there have been obvious as well as crucial indications the specific situation was stabilising but stated that unnamed powers had been wanting to provoke bloodletting in a ukrainian scenario, relating to interfax.

Mr lavrov stated belarus refusal to acknowledge intercontinental election observers made it quite difficult to convince anyone that mr lukashenko had lost to ms tikhanovskaya.

He continued statements by mr lukashenko the resistance wished to get in on the eu and nato and suppress belarus russian-speaking majority, mentioning a document from some other team that ms tikhanovskaya associated with on her website but would not include in her election system.

Its significantly like venezuela, if the legitimate president is announced a pariah many other individual who isnt truly recognised by the populace is declared the president, mr lavrov said.

As an alternative, mr lavrov stated, mr lukashenkos calls this week for constitutional reforms, after which it the belarusian president said he'd cede power, were a very encouraging [...] dialogue.

In recent times, but mr lukashenkos regime has actually once again ratcheted up the pressure on his opponents. prosecutors have actually exposed a criminal probe into a council arranged by opposition frontrunners, as well as on friday interrogated two of these.

Mr lukashenko in addition has advertised foreign capabilities want to intervene in belarus, and bought the united states's army to go troops to the edge with poland and lithuania, each of which are members of nato.

On saturday, he went to armed forces products performing drills near grodno in the west of the nation and stated his opponents had been wanting to stage colour revolutions in belarus like those who ousted leaders in ukraine and georgia.

Military assistance is clear the movement of nato soldiers toward borders, he said during their see, according to belta, the state-run press agency, saying his opponents aimed to put in a fresh president who does turn to western powers for help.

They then generate troops and you will stop belarus, he said.

Nato has actually denied gathering forces close to the belarus edge and insisted that its existence in eastern europe is strictly protective.