We give you marmite, you send out united states vegemite. united kingdom prime minister boris johnson this week summed up the benefits of a bilateral free trade contract with australia. he trumpeted a bounty of tariff-free swaps of this two nations spreads, chocolate biscuits notably australias tim tams and financial services.

Keep aside the actual fact discover hardly sufficient marmite for brit toast now; closed bars have actually imperilled method of getting brewers yeast, a vital ingredient. forget, also, that british trade with australian continent, at 18bn this past year, is a portion of the 670bn trade with the eu that appears to lose current tariff remedies following brexit. exactly what organizations benefit?

Gold, lead and wine are among australias biggest exports to the uk nevertheless fortunate country continues to be irked that people buy scarcely some of its red meat. in 1955 ahead of the eus predecessor redirected trade to inside the trading area australian continent exported 47,000 tonnes of sheep meat to the british and 3 times just as much meat. that meant most its lamb and mutton exports made the 10,500 mile or so trip to another side of the globe. sixty years later, the uk ended up being turning somewhere else for its beef but vacuuming up almost all australias chickpeas.

2 maps showing the australia/uk trade. chosen services and products in 2018, $million, uk exports to australia and australian exports into the uk

Time has not slaked our thirst for australian wines, however: the united kingdom imported about 245m worth in 2018. that may be just a 3rd for the french wine brought in because of the uk, and also below brand new zealand tipples, however it beats beverage flowing when you look at the other direction. australia spent 117m on imports of scotch just last year, quite similar since the past year and ranking it the 11th biggest market. which means it offers slipped straight down two notches since 2016 once the industry human body sought to remove a 5 % ad valorem import duty.

And what of these british boomerang exports highlighted by mr johnson? wicked booma purveyor of frisbee-like boomerangs started by a scottish-born, australian-bred business owner is a business with possible to build many comes back. it's projecting sales of 500,000 to 600,000 products this year to australian continent, at a retail cost of a$6m to a$8m (us$4m to us$5m). nice for wicked, however for great britain that means maybe a couple of hours worth associated with the 17.3bn in roadway vehicles shipped toward eu this past year.

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