The spectacular arrest of former defence minister salvador cienfuegos at l . a . airport features questioned two wagers andrs manuel lpez obrador made as he became mexican president in 2018: to count on the army in the home also to foster close relations utilizing the us.

The allegations against mr cienfuegos, having perhaps not already been investigated in mexico, are since sensational as any narco crisis. the retired general, 72, is accused of experiencing exchanged 1000s of unencrypted blackberry messenger communications utilizing the h-2 medicine cartel, raising questions over how mexico may have remained oblivious to these types of huge us phone tapping.

Nearly two years to the day's their arrest on october 15, mr cienfuegos was a friend of washington: the us decorated him because of the legion of merit, among its most prestigious army awards, for their extraordinary efforts to bilateral ties as minister from 2012-18.

But washington opted not to tip off mexico that it would detain the ex-general on costs of being a medication trafficker and cash launderer. mr cienfuegos, nicknamed the godfather, had been arrested during the request associated with the drug enforcement administration without any courtesy call to mexico city. he is intending to battle the charges energetically, their attorney, duane lyons, has said.

This is certainly a really obvious message the us at this time doesnt necessarily have confidence in current mexican federal government in terms of the bilateral security agenda, said a former senior mexican federal government authoritative. we might have imagined we had a relationship utilizing the us we do not.

The description in communications is a blow to mr lpez obradors international plan focus maintain president donald trump delighted, experts state. he's curved over backwards to protect relations with mexicos top trading companion, even yet in the face area of threats from mr trump. he mobilised his nationwide guard to consist of migration to placate mr trump and yielded for some of their trade needs to clinch the newest nafta, the us-mexico-canada contract.

The los angeles arrest shows the experience is not necessarily shared. together former top mexican armed forces official put it: (if) you dont trust, you stop talking.

He included: the connection between mexican security forces and us defence, security and law enforcement will freeze for an extended, number of years.

Mr lpez obradors various other significant bet is on armed forces, making all of them exactly what catalina prez correa, a security expert at mexicos cide college, labeled as the pillar of his federal government.

Hours ahead of the arrest, alejandro hope, a protection analyst and previous intelligence authoritative, published a document revealing your national guard was indeed placed directly under formal defence ministry control.

But ms prez correa noted that the president has additionally roped the military into jobs because diverse as building an airport and branches of circumstances bank, managing ports, growing woods for a government reforestation programme and dispersing school textbooks.

Mr lpez obrador hails the armed forces as honest he calls its top metal incorruptible and a vital ally in rooting out corruption.

That assessment is currently being challenged, questioning the presidents anti-graft method. the complete management for the army tend to be cienfuegos disciples. he presented these, the previous military authoritative said. if youre going to deliver all corrupt officials within the military to prison, you are have to even more prisons.

The army today feels humiliated and mad, mr hope stated. amlo is caught between your united states additionally the army, and thats a bad position, he stated, making use of the presidents nickname.

Hes bet his presidency in the army hence happens to be shaken. he has also wager his presidency on maybe not antagonising the united states and now the united states features delivered a slap in the face.

Jorge castaeda, an old foreign minister, stated: here is the hardest problem of lpez obradors administration because theres no-good solution.